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About Us

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Who are We?

A Helping Hand for you business 

    “Vos” is a way of saying “you” in some Latin American countries like mine, Honduras. While growing up in the U.S. I often had to explain differences in our language. People became open to my way  of speaking and I became open to theirs.


   As time passed I learned that just as there is more than one way of saying “you” in Spanish, there is more than one way of being a business owner. 

   Our goal is to help those that do not fit the norm to thrive in their business. We have worked with business in the beauty industry, food industry, and non-profits. 

    We believe that it is important to both thrive personally and professionally to be able to provide the best services possible. We help you thrive within the business settings, so that you, as a business owner, have more freedom to do what you want to do. 




What We Care About

We think that having different minds, and ways of thinking are assets rather disadvantages. We also know that it is just as important to take care of your career as is to take care of yourself.


Because of this, we support organizations and people that are neurodivergent and are a mindful mental health advocates. Here are some resources and/or ways to support these communities. 

About the Founder

Hi! I am Scarlet Mencia. 


I am bilingual (Spanish and English). My past experience is in Marketing, Customer Service, Project Planning/Execution, Social Media, and Operations.

I am enthusiastic about participating in projects that have an impact on the community. Some of these include working with Waukegan to College - a non-profit for first-generation college students, and co-creating a campaign fund for scholarships.


I am passionate about helping others and being an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and fairness. 

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