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About Us

What We Do

  • We empower the immigrant community to understand finances and get to do things like take holidays off, afford medical treatments, and make bigger purchases without jeopardizing their financial health. 

  • We educate the immigrant community on what are the career opportunities available to them even without DACA or a Visa. 

Why We Do It

We have experienced firsthand the challenges that immigrants face especially undocumented immigrants in navigating the financial institutions and other resources. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand the system, navigate it, and use it for your advantage and your family’s. 


How We Do It

  • We have guidebooks, videos, and other resources to assist you in learning where your money goes, how to change current negative patterns and highlight the positive ones. 

  • We provide a community by hosting group meetings where you can meet people who are going through similar situations

  • We have 1:1 meetings where we can discuss your situation in detail and find the next steps and resources to see you thrive financially 

  • We host in-person workshops to discuss finances or career possibilities with tangible next steps 


About the Founder

Hello! I am Scarlet a first-generation immigrant, college graduate, and business owner. As I was navigating high school and college I learned that the opportunities for us immigrants, especially undocumented are vastly different than everyone else.

Not only did I learn the knowledge from school but also from personal experience. I was unsure if I was going to graduate from college due to the cost. I had received many smaller scholarships that I qualified for after doing extensive research but they were only good for one year. For my second year, I had to rely on savings and odd jobs to sustain my dream. It was a stressful time and I had to rely on budgeting and saving to make it through. I know that it is possible to make it through tough times and to use resources that might not have been built for us to achieve our dreams and create better lives for ourselves and our families. 

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