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About Us

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Who are We?

A Helping Hand for you business 

  “Vos” is a way of saying “you” in some Latin American countries like mine, Honduras. While growing up in the U.S. I had to explain to many people what “vos” meant, and together we found common words that we could use. People became open to my way  of speaking and I became open to theirs. As time passed I learned that just as there is more than one way of saying “you” in Spanish, there is more than one way of being a business owner. 

  Our goal is to help those that do not fit the norm to thrive in their business. We have worked with Education non-profits for first-generation, Mexican owned and run supermarkets and restaurants, a Latina owned beauty brand, and a business consulting firm that help start-up companies. All of these showed us different ways to do things and together finding ways to help them achieve their goals. 

  We provide marketing and project management services so that you have more freedom in growing, creating new goals, or evolving in any way you want. 

We believe that it is important to both thrive personally and professionally to be able to provide the best service possible. We help you thrive within the business settings, so that you, as a business owner, have more freedom as to what you can do. 

Hi! I am Scarlet Mencia. 


I graduated with a B.S. International Business from Cardinal Stritch University. I am interested in helping small businesses grow by helping them complete projects that they do not have the time and/or personnel to do.


I am bilingual (Spanish and English). My past experience is in Marketing, Customer Service, Project Planning/Execution, Social Media, and Operations.


I am an eager learner as well as a good team player. I am passionate about helping others and being an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and fairness. 


The Person Behind the "What?"


Marketing Intern                                                                                                                               

Waukegan to College, Waukegan, IL                     

June 2020-August 2020

  • Wrote one-year marketing plan under the direction of an adviser

  • Drafted and presented two creative briefs for stakeholders

  • Conducted two forms of marketing research, one via phone calls and another via questionnaire

  • Created 8 Facebook and Instagram posts for a campaign and worked on scheduling the posts

  • Created two marketing campaigns for the two different programs using Cloud-based software  

Customer Service Representative


El Mercadito, Waukegan, IL

June 2019-January 2021


  • Provided quality service to an average of 50+ customers per shift, ensuring their needs were met, including using phone etiquette always in a professional manner

  •  Managed the flow of inventory via a digital platform

  • Collaborated with management in changing operating systems within the restaurant, strengthening the overall workflow

Marketing Intern

Ladi Nayasee, Milwaukee, WI

January 2022-April 2022


  • Created over 14 social media posts

  • Assisted in increasing traffic of the company’s social media for two consecutive months

  • Co-created a scholarship funding campaign which will be launched later in the year and serve as a pilot for future campaigns

  • Co-created a new product that will be used to raise funds for the funding campaign

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